6-11 September 2018

"Where the hell are the Azores? Seems to be the initial response any time I speak of our trip, a question echoed at times even by flight attendants. Like the legendary island of Atlantis, it seems no one quite knows where the islands are."

According to Plato's legend of Atlantis, he puts the mystical island far west of the "Pillars of Hercules" (Strait of Gibraltar), follow his instructions on today's map and you will find the islands of Azores. Which led to many scientists and theory fans to fantasize about the location being in the Azores area, lending also to many debates to the truth of it. True or not, we may never know, but we did grow up hearing legends about Atlantis and the formation of the Azores to be connected. We just thought to honor that heritage for an epic adventure far west of Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. A trans island adventure, a blind mountain bike race, hopping from island to island, exploring the uniqueness of each island among old and new friends.

Enter The Arena!

Only a hundred gladiators will be allowed to battle through the six different areas on five different islands of the archipelago. Riders will race against the clock on blind stages, trough a mix of technical, flowy singletrack, rocky ancient trails, downhill trails with features like drops, jumps, road gaps and many more.

São Miguel Island: Tears of Hera 

Only a hundred gladiators will be allowed to battle through the six different areas on five different islands of the archipelago. Riders will race against the clock on blind stages, trough a mix of technical, flowy singletrack, rocky ancient trails, downhill trails with features like drops, jumps, road gaps and many more.



Total distance on a bike over the 6 days is about 250km in witch around 60km will be on timed stages.


Total descent is around 10 000m and climbing is around 1200m pedaling/pushing/hiking per day.


Day 0, riders during the day will have a short stage where they can test the bikes and the terrain.



Stages and Liaisons will be marked with visible signs and tape to show you the way.

A system of danger signs on the stages will be expalined to you on the racebook when you sign in.


Because to marshall all the course is impratical, self awareness is required at all times, adicionaly gps tracks and maps will be provided as well.


A sweep medical system will be used as well other safety systems.



A mobile camp will be set on different location when necessary, a staff team will do it while you racing, they will set up in the next camp site and carry your bag as well.

Every rider will have a 3 man tent, a big air mattress and pillow for the duration of the race.


Because we believe a good meal  is always very important, breakfast, lunches and dinners will be prepared by chefs of local restaurants and catering companies, cooking traditional Azorean cuisine.



We believe that enduro montain bike racing is a social event, fairplay and goodwill on the trail and trough all the event is expected.


For example assisting a fellow rider in need of medical aid or other, respecting the marshalls, race marking and fellow competitor is in the spirit of good karma of the event.



Although the event is based on islands with short trails and short liaisons, shouldn't be taken lightly, a good amount of fitness is required to complete the event at race ritm, be able to pedal for hours on the bike and still be able to race the stages in a safe way.


Riders will have to start racing every day around 09:00, climb around 1200m and master the technical traps in the stages.




1st: 1500€

 2nd: 1100€

 3rd: 400€



1st: 1500€

 2nd: 1100€

 3rd: 400€


Honour the Gods

for an entry



March 20th 2018 00h00 CET
Available for 48 hours only

Basic Entry Package: 1550€


All access to our campsite and event tents

  • 3 person tent and air mattress

  • Full logistics support for your tent and bags

  • All meals included (breakfast, lunch, diner) and refuel tents

  • Full access to race briefings, maps, race book, GPS files

  • Full access to race course

  • Welcome party and goodbye party with open bar.

  • Shuttle from and to the Ponta Delgada airport

  • Ferry transportation between islands

  • Limited bike maintenance by a team of Monbike shop mechanics

  • Medical staff on trail and on camp

  • Race timing by SPORT_ident systems

  • Full access to washing station and tools

  • Access to massage tent 

  • 150€ voucher for the 2nd edition

  • Event jersey

The organization reserves the right to cancel the event if a minimum of riders is not met.

Hard Rock Hercules






How to get there

The Azores Islands are a Portuguese archipelago of nine volcanic islands, 1500km of the Portuguese coast and between Newfoundland, right in the middle of the Atlantic north.

There are a number of airlines that flies directly to the Azores from North America and Europe with reasonable prices.

You should book your flight to Ponta Delgada Nordela airport , code name:PDL 


Our weather is sub tropical, so our temperature doesn't have a big range, surf is big and so is whale watching on the sea or trying to swim with the wild dolphins in their natural habitat. We cook food in the volcano's hot streams.

We bath in hot springs iron rich pools or remote waterfalls.


We are a very religious people but our saints like to party, we brew our own beer, make our own gin, we grow pineapple and make lot of delicious licors.


We do have lot of cows, but is mainly for milk, for our delicious cheeses combined with azores wine.



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Your Raven is on route

"Spartans what is your profession?"

Want to be part of our team?

If you want to help us and build this amazing adventure contact us and tell us in which position you want to apply and why.
Keep in mind of early day starts and finishing at late hours. For your efforts transportation during the race, meals and accommodation will be provided by us.


Stage Marshall

You will be responsible for set up the course and cleaning it after the last rider, also you can be assign to other duties as an extra marshall on selected stages.

You will have the opportunity to ride most of the stages and enjoy the Azores beauty.

To perform this role a level of intermediate biking skill is required, you be faced with some technical descends while carrying a lot of equipment, good amount of fitness, good navigation skills using basic maps and outdoor GPS.

Although you'll have a basic rescue first aid formation prior to the event, a first aid experience would be a plus.

Camp Staff

An off bike role, you are to assist with camp duties like setting up the camp and decamping when we move camp sites, be assign to wash competitor bikes and other duties the camp staff may require.

You'll be able to watch the race on stages near camp and be involved with social atmosphere of the race.


Media Crew


Are you a photographer or video producer and want to be the official media crew to access all the event and report to the magazines. Send us an email to be in the official crew and have accommodation, meals and transport between stages and islands covered by us.

Trail Medic

You are a Medical Doctor and ride bikes? We have a spot for you, you'll be able to bike the event as a normal competitor but at the same time will be required to assist any injured rider that you come across with. You'll have to carry a basic first aid kit with you and a good level of fitness and skill is demanded as you'll have to do the complete event.

Email us at atlantisendurorace@gmail.com and tell us you wish to volunteer. 

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